Moscow Billiards

Moscow Billiards 1.0

3D Pool game for various skill levels
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Test your pool skills in a 3D environment and play either in Arcade mode in a Pyramid tournament. Keep winning games to face off against better-skilled opponents.

Moscow Billiards is a nice billiard game for all ages and skill levels. As you may know, the objective of the game is to pocket all the balls before your opponent. The game offers the possibility of playing alone in a practice game, with a friend, or against the computer. You can also choose your character, although there are not so many options available and they aren't very attractive. It offers two modes: Pyramid and Arcade. Each of them features specific rules and offers a couple of variants to choose from. What is great is that in all games you can customize the bar, table, balls, stiffness, friction, and ball size. You can also play in three difficulty levels according to your skills.
In addition to this, the game offers good 3D graphics with multiple qualities to satisfy your computer requirements and play smoothly. Sound effects and music are pretty good and contribute to create the perfect atmosphere for the game.
In short, Moscow Billiards has everything you need to play billiards, offering multiple options for all tastes and levels of knowledge.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice graphics and sound effects
  • Two modes with lots of variants
  • Multiplayer
  • Free


  • A few characters to choose from and they are not very attractive
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